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Latest Issue Preview for June 2019

The Issue at Hand

Young person, have you ever been very ashamed of yourself for something you did? ... Have you ever buried your head in your pillow at night and cried, and knew you should pray, say something!, but you just couldn’t? “I am going to try to say something to the one who knows everything that I’ve done” ... You feel alone. Who could you ever go to for help with this? You feel alone, but you aren’t. You are united to Jesus Christ, and he is closer to you than anyone else ever could be. [read full article] // Author: 

United to Christ: The Believer’s New Identity

... the question that you as a Christian young person who is united to Christ need to face is not simply, “Who am I?” Chasing this question will send you down the path to an empty, vain life. Who you are, simply in yourself is nothing. For example, who you are is not related to the things you have or do not have. Maybe you are rich. Maybe you have many friends. Maybe you are very smart. None of these things matter if you are not in Christ. The Christian does not put his trust in his things or his abilities. Rather, the Christian puts all of his confidence in Christ because he is in Christ.

Instead of asking yourself, “Who am I?”, ask yourself, “Who am I in Christ?” If you make the confession that you are “in Christ,” then you must identify yourself with Christ and not the foolishness with which the world invites you to identify. [read full article] // Author: 

Latest Issue Preview for May 2019

The Destructive Power of False Doctrine

The temptation is strong for a young person to question the necessity of an emphasis on true doctrine. It is certainly not a concern of the world, or even of most of what calls itself church. The question is asked, “What do all of those truths with large, hard to remember names like propitiation and substitutionary atonement have to do with my life? [read full article] // Author: 

The Proverbs 7 Woman

In verse one Solomon tells us he speaks to his son. In the rest of the chapter we see he is speaking to his son about the “strange woman.” The strange woman is sexual temptation personified. Very plainly Solomon talks about sexual temptation in this chapter. How much more must these things be talked about at an appropriate age today. [read full article] // Author: