Your Child and a Pattern of Growth

Every child has a pattern of growth that is as unique as his appearance or the way he walks. By carefully studying the growth patterns of children, researchers have found that these generally fit into six groups. A child may start with a deficit or advantage and maintain the one or the other parallel to […]

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The Sword of the Spirit

Rev. Schipper began his speech by relating the familiar story of the youth David who came before King Saul offering to fight Goliath. He refused the armor of Saul, preferring to fight with the weapons to which he was accustomed. The point is that we cannot go forth to the battle to which we are […]

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Music is one of the oldest and best ways of expressing one’s feelings or sentiments. It holds an important part in our social life. At every society meeting we sing songs out of our hymn books. In our church services we thank and praise God also through our music. We worship and adore our Maker. […]

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