Called to the Ministry

The task set to me is to explain briefly something of my life and call to the ministry for the purpose of the recognition of the glory of God who calls and sends, and for the benefit of young men whom the Lord may be calling to the ministry. I grew up in Loveland Protestant […]

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Paul, A Servant of Jesus Christ

No one, other than the Son of God made flesh, has been used by the hand of God to do more for the Christian church than the apostle Paul. The apostle was human, sinful, and had strengths and weaknesses like anyone of us sinful creatures, but God raised up in Paul a mighty man.  Paul […]

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Postmodernism Simply Explained

Introduction Before we enter into a brief treatment of postmodernism, let’s ask the question, “Why would we even have a treatment of postmodernism?  Isn’t this just some heady concept that does not really matter to us in our everyday life?”  The answer to that question is that a discussion of postmodernism is vitally important for […]

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