Guided by God

“Nevertheless I am continually with thee: thou hast holden me by my right hand. Thou shalt guide me with thy counsel, and afterward received me to glory.” (Psalm 73:23–24) In Psalm 73 the inspired psalmist Asaph reveals a painful struggle of faith that he endured. He speaks of how he was brought to the point […]

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What is Man?

This article is an adaptation of a speech given on August 17, 2016, at the Young Adults Retreat held at Lake Okoboji, IA.  Psalm 8:3–4: “When I consider thy heavens, the work of thy fingers, the moon and the stars, which thou hast ordained; What is man, that thou art mindful of him? and the […]

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The Believer’s Battle Plan

Every soldier in the U.S. Army can appreciate a seasoned general’s battle plan, one that pinpoints the enemy’s defenses and places him in the best position to gain the field.  Every collegiate basketball player can appreciate a savvy, veteran coach’s game plan, one that shows how best to stifle the opponent on the defensive end […]

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