The Angel Song

Eye hath not seen; Ear hath not heard, Nor has it ever in man’s thoughts occurred, The glories that await in heaven above Prepared for God’s saints, in merciful love.   There creatures of loveliest heavenly grace Fall down in worship before God’s face. They sing of His glory, power and might Blessing Him ever […]

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Light In Darkness

The night was cold and chill Enveloped in darkness was the hill Where lowly shepherds tired and worn Guarded their sheep until the morn Should break; and send its light To take away the shades of night   Sad and forlorn was Israel’s plight O’er whelmed by sin’s dark dismal night Sin laden souls weary […]

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Peace in a World of Strife

“And there were . . . shepherds abiding in the field, keeping watch over their flock by night.” And lo! like a shaft of light pene­trating the darkness and halting among them, there stood an angel. The glory that radiated from him turned the night into the brightness of noonday. As their eyes became adjusted […]

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