One Man Against the World (5)

In the summer of A.D. 325 the Council of Nicea brought men of the church together from all over the world. Their task? To write a creed stating the true nature of Jesus Christ. It would be a creed that would stand for centuries as basic doctrine of the church of Christ everywhere. It is […]

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One Man Against the World (4)

The year was 325. The city was Nicea. The issue was—is Jesus God or not? The Arians were winning. There were more of them. They spoke the loudest. They would surely be able to sway the many church leaders who were undecided. “Jesus was created,” they said. “He is not of the same substance of […]

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One Man Against the World (3)

Arius was not a man to give up. He had very influential and outspoken friends. He and his followers stirred up divisions in the church. Their heresies and lies worked as a cancer in the body of Christ. The divisions even threatened the unity of the whole Roman Empire. Constantine the emperor would have to […]

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