Genesis 23

Genesis 23 ABRAHAM PURCHASES A BURYING- PLACE FOR HIS DEAD Gen. 23:1-20 1. Sarah’s Sacred Epithet. She was: a. A princess of God. Her name had been intentionally and meaningfully changed. She was no common woman. She, too, shares in the promise with Abraham, Gen. 17:15. She had served the counsel of God in much […]

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Genesis 17-21

III. The gift of a son a demonstration of God’s mercy Soon after this, Abraham journeyed to the country of the Philistines near Gerar after having spent some time in the land between Kadesh and Shur. Gerar was in the land of Canaan to the south and west and was ruled by a man whose […]

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Genesis 15-16

God Promises Abram a Son 1. The Occasion a. “After these things” (1) The connection between this chapter and the preceding chapter is indicated by this statement. (2) The question here then is; After what things did this vision come to Abram? (a) The most natural antecedent of these things is that which is recorded […]

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