About a Reformation

In August of the year 1938, the home missionary of the Protestant Reformed Churches, who was at that time Rev. Kok, came to Manhattan. Most of us were not acquainted with the decisions of the Synod of 1924, therefore we were not in the position to know the reason of his coming. But this soon became evident. For meetings were announced to be held at which it was made clear to those present. These caused much interest and a great deal of discussion. Soon a better and more convenient meeting place had to be obtained. There meetings were held twice a week, which were attended regularly by some and also many others came to hear. The errors of the doctrine proclaimed by the Christian, Reformed Church were pointed out and the word which was proclaimed at these services no one could deny wasn’t something new but the old and true doctrine of God’s Sovereign Grace from which we had been led astray.

Attending these services was condemned by many, and mostly by those who knew very little about and would rather not learn the facts about their doctrine of Common Grace, etc. The young people who attended these meetings no longer had voice in the Young People’s Society to which they still belonged. After the space of about one year some families expressed their organize a congregation. So, on September 25, 1939 eleven families were organized as a Protestant Reformed Church. This of course caused many breaches in ties with friends and relatives, some of whom were very antagonistic. But our people felt that these things might not be obstacles in respect to confessing the truth.

Very soon after this, land was obtained and plans made to build a basement church. A very enthusiastic group of men began breaking the sod, and in the space of two months the neatly finished edifice was ready for dedication, which took place a few days after Thanksgiving Day. After the 4th call we received the glad news that Rev. De Wolf had accepted. When they arrived the recently completed parsonage was ready for their use. Our congregation has grown during the four years of its existence. We now officially number 19 families and there are 22 families represented with a total of 122 souls. We like to have our congregation grow in number, but above all we pray that it may grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ.