Approving the Disobedient?

Impossible you say! It is and should be impossible among men. The child of God is called to live antithetically in the midst of this world. We are to oppose all that which is of sin in our own life and in the life of the world of wicked men.

On the other hand, it certainly is a fact with the Sovereign God, who is Holy and Righteous in Himself, and we His people who by nature are dead in sin, that He approves us who are disobedient. No, God does not approve our disobedience; the thought of that is blasphemous. But He approved us in Christ before the foundation of the world. “While we were yet sinners, Christ died for us.”

The purpose of this article will be focused on the idea of our opening remarks; the relationship of the child of God to the disobedient and ungodly. And we want to narrow this down further: “Is it our duty as a child of God to choose or approve an ungodly or disobedient man into office of government in the land, whether this be local or national govern­ment?” Let’s just use the example of voting for President of the United States. The two or three or maybe more men who are running for this office reveal themselves as ungodly men, men who are not obedient to the Word of God, men who take the name of God in vain, men who desecrate the Lord’s Day, men who have fellowship (friendly) with the Communists, and we could name many more items which they openly practice.

These men are certainly disobedient to God in that they do not carry out the duties of their office as we find it spelled out for us in Romans 13:3, 4: “For rulers are not a terror to the good work, but to the evil. And wouldest thou have no fear of the power? do that which is good, and thou shalt have praise of the same: for he is a minister of God to thee for good. But if thou do that which is evil, be afraid; for he beareth not the sword in vain: for he is a minister of God, an avenger for wrath to him that doeth evil.” Our government openly disobeys and disregards this reason for their office, given by God Himself.

Now we must discuss the question of our calling or responsibility in voting. May the child of God vote for a man who reveals himself as an unbeliever, and who has no regard for the laws of God? Remember, voting for something or someone is approving of the same. We may not do this, may we? You say, ‘‘We have this freedom in our country, and it is our duty before God to exercise this freedom of voting.” In the light of what we have previously talked about, is it really our duty before God? We also have the freedom in this country to not vote. You say, “We should vote for the lesser of the two evils.” No, evil is evil, and we may not approve any kind or degree of evil. You say, “Our silence is giving the O.K. to the wrong man.” If there are two wrong or evil men running for office, silence is better, as far as voting is concerned. By keeping silent, we would show our disapproval for these wicked men. Is not this letting our light shine before men, and before God?

Would it not then be much better to abstain from voting, than to cast our vote for an unbeliever? My answer to this would be “yes.” We must always, in all our walk of life, approve of that which is good and reject that which is of evil.

Some of our young people have expressed an interest in the topic dis­cussed in this article. They would like to see more articles on this topic, as would also our older people. I am not convinced that the position I have taken in this article is a correct one; therefore, feel free to respond.