Beacon Lights

Dear Young People,

I am taking this time to give a word of thanks to all those who contribute to make our Beacon Lights a successful magazine for our covenant young people.

I go along very much with Miss Lois Hoeksema’s ideas that she has written about in the April issue of our B. L. We need more people to contribute on different opinions. Miss Hoeksema has stated that in the Beacon Light Index there were more people writing on different opinions than there are today, well, that is very true. And too, in the earlier issues the booklets contained over 20 pages quite a few times, today the booklets scarcely ever get up to 15 pages. There may be some that feel they don’t have the ability to sit down and write.  I for one don’t write enough either, but I try my best now and then, and that’s the best we can do. I feel others could do the same if they could only try it once. I also believe there could be more opinions written in about the Index itself, that is, on some subjects found in earlier Beacon Lights, or many can add new comments.

I don’t know, but maybe there are those who have never paged through the whole book. I have found it very well written and helpful. If we didn’t have it a lot of us would never have known that these older Beacon Lights were in existence. I have read a few of these early issues and have found the articles in them very interesting. I’m planning on sending for more soon. Have you read any of these, if not, why not send to the librarian for them?

In our Beacon Lights Index I have found articles written by various young men who have been in the military service. These nice little articles were well written and very interesting, they were under such headings as: “Armed Services — off to Camp,” “Army Life,” and “Military Mail bag.” Why don’t we have this type of an article written in our Beacon Lights today? After all, I’m sure we have many of our young men in the Military Service throughout the World. Today there is a struggle in Vietnam and many men of our Protestant Reformed Churches are being sent there. Why don’t we have some articles from them? I believe it would be interesting to hear from them, that is, of the experiences they now have. Maybe some of our young men in the service don’t receive the Beacon Lights, but I’m sure if they would ask, the Beacon Lights staff would soon have issues sent out to them. And too, even if they do get the Beacon Lights it would be interesting to let other men in the service know how they are doing through written letters published in our Beacon Lights. I’m sure that many would appreciate this idea. So I’m sure if we only try we can have more articles in our magazine. Let’s give it a try.