Christian Education

I have spent ten yean in Adams Street Christian School. From kinder­garten on I was taught in the ways of the Lord. Besides math, spelling, and many other subjects, I learned how to get along with children my own age and was taught respect for teachers and those in author­ity.

Every morning I was taught Bible stories and the many ways in which God cares for His people. This instruction has great importance, for the very foundation of my faith was built in those early years of my education. As a Christian, I am greatly privileged to have this. Children in a public school would never have this opportunity.

In junior high, I learned to take more responsibility, both for my daily assign­ments and my behavior. My classmates and I had special projects to plan and carry out: the Farewell Party in the eighth grade and the “Adams Spotlight” in the ninth grade.

And then there are the fun times of which I will always have fond memories: the kindergarten graduation, the trip to the Planetarium, the trip to Lansing, school programs, farewell parties, the ninth grade graduation and ninth grade class trip.

Now all this is in the past, but I will never forget Adams and all the many things I learned there. The instruction of dedicated teachers who taught me so diligently in the ways of our Lord shall always be remembered.

It hardly seems as though I am going to leave Adams. The furthering of my education still seems far in the future. I face going to Covenant Christian High School with mixed feelings of fear and anticipation, but I know I will receive and will be grateful for the fine instruction I will receive there. I am thankful to the parents and teachers who know the need for this Christian education, and above all, I give thanks to God who has made all this possible.

*Linda attends our First Protestant Reformed Church, Grand Rapids, Michigan and is a student in our Adam’s Christian School