Convention Impressions

My impressions of the 1985 Con­vention were mainly good impressions. I can add a lot of memories to my memories of my 5 other conventions. Once again God provided us as young people the opportunity to meet new people, renew old friendships and fellowship with other children of God.

I would like to say that, as a Fed. Board member for the past 2 years, I have had opportunity to see the great amount of work and dedication which has to be put out by the Steering Committee and advisors. I think they did an excellent job with the conven­tion, making it run smoothly, even if our beach day did get rained out again.

I think also, that the topic of mission work was a very relevant topic. Mr. Mahtani’s slide presentation was very informative about our mission work there in that heathen city of Singapore.

I enjoyed the convention at Grand Valley’s beautiful campus and thought it ran quite smoothly, with very few problems. I am sure that we as young people have grown greatly in the faith and 1 look forward to next year’s convention. I also look forward to seeing many young people there, eager to learn more about our heavenly Father, and ready to have a good time.