Dating and Marrying in the Lord – Introduction

There is no question that dating and marriage take up much thought in a young person’s mind. There are so many questions to be asked in this area that the many books and articles written in the past can only scratch the surface of this complicated subject. Nevertheless, we must increase our knowledge of this subject if we are to date and marry according to the Word of God. We must do this because if we desire to have, God willing, a marriage that reflects Christ’s marriage to His church then we must understand what the Scriptures instruct concerning marriage and dating. The articles in this rubric will attempt to strengthen our knowledge of dating and marriage according to Scripture.

This ambition is certainly worthwhile considering that the world has subtly perverted marriage to such an extreme that the people of God can fall into their sins. We only have to think about how the world views divorce and remarriage and we see that there is no regard for the mandate in Scripture that marriage is for life. The people of this world are so preoccupied with their own personal pleasure that the purpose of marriage and dating becomes twisted into the pursuit of pleasure instead of the pursuit of a godly marriage. We pray that God will use this rubric to build up our young people so that they will desire a marriage founded on God’s Word. To do this, we plan to publish articles on topics dealing with the life of a covenant marriage.

Because godly marriages are necessary for the church of God to grow, the dating of the young people must be in the Lord. Because most of the people of God live the majority of their years in marriage, dating is of crucial importance. If two young people would just get together and get married without even knowing each other, the marriage will probably be tumultuous. Dating solves this problem by allowing a couple to see whether they will be able to live in married life. For example, if a dating couple’s beliefs about God are different, the couple can separate before getting married. Of course, if the couple is indifferent or ignorant of the Bible’s mandate to many in the Lord then they will marry against God’s will. It is our prayer that God will use this rubric to strengthen the faith of our young people so that they will marry in the Lord. We hope to do this by printing articles that deal with issues and general topics in dating from a Biblical perspective.

Realizing that the mere words of a magazine are nothing without the work of the Holy Spirit, we again pray that God will apply His truth to our hearts so that we date and marry according to His will. We hope that you will enjoy these articles in the coming months.


Mike is a member of Southwest Protestant Reformed Church in Grandville, Ml.