Dordt College – My College

Some time ago I was asked whether I would write an article on my impressions of Dordt College of which I am presently a student. In regard to this question I can say that, in general, Dordt has made a very favorable impression on me.

First, and most important is the fact that Dordt has not strayed from the basic Re­formed doctrines which we cherish. Each instructor most undergo a rigorous exam­ination prior to his receiving a contract in order that the Reformed faith may be main­tained.

Presently, Dordt has an enrollment of ap­proximately six hundred students coming from twenty-two states and four Canadian provinces and a roster of thirty-four instructors. As a result there is a relatively small student-to-teacher ratio. Personal conferences are held between the student and his advisor or the dean of the college for both matters of academic and of spiritual nature.

The students have a choice of nine ma­jors: Biology, Chemistry, Classical Lan­guages, English, German, History, Mathe­matics, Philosophy, and Music. Minors in speech, physics, and physical education are also offered. Upon graduation, provided he has fulfilled all the requirements, a student in teachers education receives a professional teachers certificate which is valid for ten years. Dordt is now a candidate for mem­bership in the North Central Association of Accreditation.

As far as tuition is concerned, I think that it might be of interest to you to know that students of the Protestant Reformed denomi­nation pay on the same scale as those stu­dents of the Christian Reformed denomina­tion. Several types of government loans and grants are also available to students. In addition, there is a work-study program for needy students.

Dordt’s campus is rapidly expanding. Besides the boys’ dormitory, a new dormi­tory for girls was constructed last year along with a new expansive library and an ad­dition to the Commons. This year, construc­tion is underway on a new science building, with work on a physical education building to be started soon. Also this year, in co­operation with the city of Sioux Center, construction is soon to be started on a Fine Arts building. In this same project a football field, baseball field, track, and possibly an indoor swimming pool are to be made.

Dordt is an excellent school especially for anyone who plans to enter the teaching profession, ministry, or music.

In conclusion, I might also add that for Protestant Reformed students, church at­tendance would not be a great problem, for the Doon and Hull Protestant Reformed churches are only a short distance from Sioux Center, twelve and nine miles re­spectively. There are members of both con­gregations living in Sioux Center who I am sure would aid anyone who has no other means of transportation.

Let’s see some of you Easterners come this way. Come and look the campus over when you attend the Convention in Hull.