Editor’s Notes: June/July 1990

The theme of the 50th Annual P.R.Y.P.’s Convention is “Love, The Bond of Perfectness.”  Rev. Terpstra, the first speaker, will talk about “The Gift of God.”  If his keynote speech, “The Holy Spirit—His Work in the Economy of Salvation,” given at the International Reformed Conference, is any indication of what you can expect, then get ready for an exciting and thoroughly Reformed speaker.  Rev. Haak will speak on “Our Calling to Walk in Love” and Rev. Gritters will speak on “Its Ever-Abiding Nature.”  Both of these ministers have manifested an untiring love for young people.  God has given us three wise young ministers that we will want to hear.

The discussion outlines for the convention are included in this issue.  Rev. Dale Kuiper has prepared an outline on “Christian Fellowship,” Rev. Arie den Hartog has prepared one on “Showing Christian Love to People from Other Churches,” and Rev. Ron Van Overloop’s outline is on “Judging One Another in Love.”  I would say from the content of these outlines that you are in for some serious and exciting discussions at the convention.

You have sometimes heard the expression, “Don’t do as I do, but do as I say.”  All too often this is meant to be an excuse for someone who wants us to do something they are unwilling to do themselves.  In “Beloved Children” Rich Peterson, in his editorial, explains two ways that our Lord teaches us the way we should go.

Do you believe in the Fatherhood of God for all men?  If your reply was yes then you believe in the humanistic concept of sympathy, which is nothing but a mere human-empathy.  Rev. Lubbers has prepared three interesting articles on “The Biblical Teaching on Sympathy.”  We are thankful that God has raised up a faithful and trustworthy minister to write for us on this most important aspect of our Christian lives.

Mr. Engelsma, the father of Prof. Engelsma, and who has been an elder in Hope Protestant Reformed Church, Walker, MI for many years, writes his response to the question from a young adult, “Isn’t it alright to date in the Lord someone who may not be from the Protestant Reformed Churches?”  You will find his answer very encouraging as you seek to date and eventually to marry in the Lord.  For those of you who want to write a question for Mr. Engelsma or respond to his articles, his address is 1315 Su-Lew SW, Walker, MI 49504.  Mr. Engelsma writes that he is presently taking care of his wife Dena, who has had brain surgery and he may not be able to respond immediately to the other questions sent to him.  We pray God’s richest blessings on Mr. & Mrs. Engelsma in this time of his wife’s recovery and look forward to his answers to our questions in future issues.

Also in keeping with the thought concerning dating and marriage is the second installment of the outlines that were used on the occasion of the 1989 Fall Retreat which had a main theme of “Learning God’s Will.”  The outlines cover three thoughts:  the general principles for learning God’s will, learning God’s will in dating and marriage, and learning God’s will in your vocation.  These outlines by Pastors Charles Terpstra and Ronald Van Overloop will be finished in the next issue.  We hope that you will use these outlines in your society for the godly instruction that we need in these days of ungodliness.

Mrs. Brands provides us with a look at Ecclesiastes 1:1-11.  What do you think the words “under the sun” mean?  Perhaps you think it means what man does in the daytime, or what man does on earth.  Read this article to find a striking meaning to these words of King Solomon.

Lora has provided us not only the May Church News, but also the most current news she could write up for us from the church bulletins she has received.  Thanks, Lora!

We welcome Brian Kuiper from Hope P.R.C. in Walker, MI as our new Finance Manager.  What surprised me the most about Brian was his immediate acceptance to take on the responsibility.  We appreciate your willingness and eagerness (he attended his first B.L. staff meeting already knowing what he had to do) to serve the kingdom of God in this capacity and look forward to your guidance during our staff meetings.

Truly we are blessed with faithful young people who are willing to serve God and our churches!

The Beacon Lights has recently been audited by the U.S. Postal Service concerning our second-class permit.  This yearly audit assures the post office that we are managing our second class permit properly.  We are happy to report that everything is in good order.  What we did find was the need for some of you, dear subscribers, to pay for your subscription and for others of you to provide us with current addresses.  We ask you to please return the renewal cards promptly with your payment and any change of address.  Thank you.

As a staff, we want to express our Christian sympathy to Mitch Dick and Rev. C. Hanko in the death of Mitch’s wife, Ellen, Rev. Hanko’s granddaughter.  “Therefore we are always confident, knowing that, whilst we are at home in the body, we are absent from the Lord; (For we walk by faith, not by sight).  We are confident, I say, and willing rather to be absent from the body, and to be present with the Lord.”  I Cor. 5:6-8.