Faith, Hope, Love

The 12th Annual convention of our Protestant Reformed Young People’s Federation has drawn to a close. The young men and women, delegates and friends, have all departed and gone to their respective homes.

Your editor was not among the privileged ones who attended this wonderful convention, but from all sides come the reports of the hearty hospitality of our good Northwest Iowa people; of the sincere friendship and fellowship displayed; of the inspiration, encouragement, and comfort derived from the excellent addresses of the Revs. Hoeksema, De Wolf and Hofman. It was said also that a spirit of co-operation and unity prevailed at the meetings.

What a great means for the up-building and strengthening in the faith this convention can be for each individual attending, but greater still is that influence upon our churches as a whole, when these young people return to their respective communities and churches inspired and strengthened to resume the work in their societies for the coming season. It is always a matter of regret to us that each one of our boys and girls cannot attend the convention. We feel that some of our young people could attend if a more serious effort would be made and plans would be made early enough. In this connection we wish to call in the cooperation of our parents to not only urge their boys and girls to attend our young people’s convention, but help and even sacrifice, if need be, for this purpose.

Under God, the fellowshipping of our young people with one another in their society meetings and conventions is the greatest means we can use to promote the forming and cementing of friendships and ties which bear spiritual fruit for themselves, the Church and God’s Kingdom.

The Old Testament church was continually warned against mingling with the surrounding peoples. This was a negative admonition. We feel that we can apply this in a positive admonition to our young people. They should seek and promote fellowship among each other, namely among those whose confession and walk is similar. In so doing we strengthen our own and each other’s spiritual life and guard against forming those friendships which eventually lead us away from the truth we love and the church we hold dear.

Parents! Promote, make opportunity for, and urge your sons and daughters to cultivate friendships and fellowship with other young people of our own, and in so doing you can expect God’s blessing to attend your and their way. See that they attend society and other meetings of our young people faithfully, that they may not be as some young people among us who are virtual strangers to our church and people. Surely it is no wonder that most of these drift away from our fellowship entirely.

And now ABIDETH faith, hope, charity, these three.

As we said in our commencement, the young people have all gone to, their respective homes and communities. Hull, whose homes and streets rang with

cheery, youthful voices has again resumed its usual quiet; but these three— faith, hope and charity abide. They abide in the hearts of all God’s people for these are His rich gifts which He freely showers as His blessings on all those that love Him; that are the called according to His purpose from everlasting.

Young people, rethink the excellent addresses you heard on these three all important subjects; and may a Lively Faith, an Abiding Hope and a Fervent Love be yours from the Father of Lights forever and forever.

Thanks, Hull, for showing our young people a wonderful time!