Happy New Year

“Happy New Year!” ring the words

                                                        So glibly from our lips.

                                                  “Have a good day!”— “Have a good year!”

                                                        Do we mean those quips?

                                                  I suppose that in our minds

                                                       We wish the brother well,

                                                  Hoping that in peace and safety

                                                       He this year may dwell.

                                                  And yet as each new year unfolds

                                                       The end draws ever near;

                                                  The day when Christ comes on the clouds

                                                        In judgment to appear.

                                                  Yes, that will be a happy year,

                                                       ‘Twill be a happy day

                                                  When earth-bound sinners leave this land

                                                        To live with Christ always!

                                                  So, until then, greet brethren true

                                                        And wish them happiness—

                                                  The happiness of saints of God

                                                        Who wait for Him to bless.

                                                  With happiness we even walk

                                                  Through pain and grief and woe.

                                                  Our happiness is based on this:

                                                  God walks with us, we know.

                                                  Then with our hands enfolded

                                                        Within the hand of God

                                                  We walk the way of holiness—

                                                  The path our Saviour trod.

                                                  We flee the evil motive,

                                                  The sinful act and word;

                                                  We pray, we thank, we praise, we sing

                                                  To glorify our Lord.