Military Mail Bag

Hello Fellows,

Beacon Lights is again being published. The Military Mail Bag is again looking for letters from you servicemen. We have received no letters for this issue so it will be filled with an introduction.

I should start by introducing myself to you as I now have the duty of taking care of your section in the Beacon Lights. I am Everett Buiter and I attend the Oak Lawn church. I am a former serviceman being back in civilian status for six months already. Being out of the Army now, I shall tell you a little about my life in the Army. I was taken into the Army on June 22, 1951, and received my training in Fort Sill, Oklahoma in the Artillery branch of the Army.

After six months in the service I was sent overseas. When I arrived overseas I was given a different type of training in Japan. It was in Track Vehicle Maintenance. The school was close to Tokyo. After finishing school I was sent to that place called Korea. There I spent the 13 months of duty with an Artillery Battalion in the maintenance section.

It sure was a great joy in May of last year that I could go home again, which all you fellows are most likely looking forward to. It is wonderful to be home again and to be with the people that you love, to have Christian fellowship together around the Word of God.

Now to say a little something to encourage you fellows to write. We would like to see pages as full as they have been in the past. By the time you receive this issue of Beacon Lights it will be long past Christmas Day and New Year’s Day. Many of you were not home and wish you could have been there. There were also some that were able to be home for those days, and are back in camp again or even on your way overseas. Wherever you were, we know that with God’s help you did have a blessed Christmas.

We know there are a lot of fellows in the service and we at home are waiting to hear from you. Write anything you would like, about where you are, what you are doing, what you think of life in the service.

Maybe you are like some of the fellows that have written these lines before: “It has been in my mind to write Beacon Lights for quite some time, so I’d better get busy,” or “It’s about time I should be writing a few lines again.” Maybe you have just gotten into the service. How about starting out good, and write right away, then keep up the good work. There are many of you who would like to write, “I am happy to be able to tell you that I am going back to the States to be discharged.” Write us when that time is coming. Rotation is going on now more than it was a year ago. Whatever is your place in the service we are ready to hear from you anytime.

The children of God in the service are always before great temptations. When all these temptations are before us we know that God is always near us; we must also be near Him. Not that God’s being near us depends on our being near to Him, for that He is near us is all of grace, and therefore nothing in all the world can destroy it, not even our sin. He is always near His people, and that forever. That nearness of God is experienced and enjoyed in the time of trial, not by walking in the ways of temptation, but by walking away from the temptation of the world, and walking in the path of righteousness.  May this be your prayer away from home and church. It surely is our prayer at home that you may walk in the ways of uprightness, that you may be assured that this is our prayer always.


Mr. Everett Buiter

RR2 Box 120, Tinley Park, Ill.