Nature Study

“Thy Word is a lamp before my feet, a light upon my pathway.” This word of truth by the psalmist is the key to our study of God’s revelation in all things round about us. Scripture points out to us the marvelous workings of our sovereign Father. We learn of creation in the opening chapter of Genesis which tells us of the beginnings of this earth. Proceeding from this account, all the writers of Scripture are inspired to relate the natural and supernatural revelations of God throughout the ages. Moses tells of the burning bush as well as the heat of the desert; Samuel relates David’s power in battle and ascribes his success to God; we read of Elijah’s difficulties in the desert and his victory over the priests of Baal on Mount Carmel; Job sees God’s hand in his prosperity and adversity; David praises God for works of beauty, love, righteousness, and judgment; and Jesus Himself shows his disciples that He has power over the sea. Thus the Bible abounds with testimony of God’s work in the forces of nature.

However, it might be wise to consider an entirely different idea about the origin, working, purpose, and end of this earth. First of all, it is wise because we should know what we are opposing; and secondly because we are inclined to unwittingly accept parts of our enemy’s assumptions. This enemy or false philosophy is the theory of evolution.

In simplest terms Evolution can be defined as the theory which explains the origin and development of the earth, planets and living creatures. However, let me say that this theory has never been proved and cannot be proved true. The worldly man bases his science on this theory and occasionally adjusts the theory to conform to his discoveries, but is unwilling to accept the facts of Scripture. It is pitiful that the unbeliever cannot prove evolution because he depends on it so much. He often cites evidences of evolution and offers them as “proof,” but he must twist the facts.

The evolutionist’s first assumption is which he cannot prove that there is no God. He rejects the idea of the supernatural and a being higher than himself, through his unbelief. It is true that we cannot objectively prove the existence of God, but we gladly admit that it is a matter of faith. If we can force the ungodly evolutionist to admit that his atheism is also a matter of faith, it will not be difficult to show him that he has no factual basis for his pet theory.

In order to give his theory a sound foundation, the evolutionist found it necessary to give an account of the beginning of things. Here he really got into trouble because he too found it necessary to start the history of the universe and life from nothing. It was contrary to his perverse nature to admit of a god who started all things, so he had to ascribe the beginning to chance. Most evolutionists believe that the first material was inorganic or dead.

Their third assumption is that this inorganic material evolved into an early form of life. Scientists have been trying to prove through many years that there was such a thing as spontaneous generation. They have failed and we can truthfully say that they will never succeed. They have cited many examples of apparent spontaneous generation but it seems that they prefer to speak of this as an unproven fact today and even will say that it is now impossible to create the favorable conditions which existed billions of years ago.

Accepting these three myths, they find it easy to account for the development of material and life as we know it today. It was the similarity between various animals and man which prompted early observers to connect them genetically. However, they find it impossible to develop another “kind” from the existing “kinds” as revealed to us in Genesis. They have trouble with “missing links” and even try to reconstruct fossils of bones to prove their theory. I think all of you have followed the papers recently and were heartened to see that much of this reconstruction has been declared and proved fraudulent.

Evolutionists do not limit themselves to the animal kingdom, but point to much botanical and meteorological “proof” for their theory. It is easy to see that they point with pride to hybrid developments of flowers and vegetables, but they must admit that there has been no essential improvement that carries over from year to year. For instance, seeds taken from hybrid corn revert to productions of inferior plants similar to one or more of the parent plants. We find more difficulty with their purported age of metals of the earth, however.

The meteorological argument has influenced some Christian scientists to admit a fabulous age for the earth. They contend that the earth was “waste and void” for thousands or millions of years. It may be possible, but there is every reason to believe that God has created our earth with these great reserves of metal and minerals and even with apparently different ages, simply to confound the wise. We must be extremely careful that we do not accept the subtile arguments of the evolutionist, for we must try everything with the light of scripture.

We need not apologize for our scriptural stand since we have a sound basis for our belief. We admit that we are creationists by faith and that this is also a wonder of God. Creation is the only answer to the wonder of existence because even life is a great unexplainable mystery to the unbeliever. We can answer many of the arguments of the scientist since we get our knowledge from scripture. For instance, similarity of the animals is evidence of only one thing to us, namely that one mighty Creator planned and executed the formation of all things and used a similar pattern for all living things.

Thus we return again to the reason for our thoughts on this matter. We stand in an antithetical relation to the ungodly even in our study of natural phenomena around us. With scripture as our light, we shall never fall into the error of evolution which has no room for God.