Sola Fida: Faith Alone

Once there lived a man in what he thought was a beautiful country. He went about his job and his business without giving too much thought to the world around him.

But one day, he was given a pair of special glasses. The man who gave him the glasses put the glasses on him and told him that with the glasses, he would be able to see how the world really is.

The man wore the glasses and really looked at the country for the first time. It was a darker place than he had realized. Dirtier. Uglier. Scarier. And he himself wasn’t quite the good person he’d thought himself to be.

But there was also the light and beauty that he hadn’t realized existed before either. This light gave him hope even when he saw the darkness.

He discovered that the longer he wore the glasses, the better he could see the reality of the world around him.

He tried to tell others about what he saw with the special glasses. Some hated it when he talked about what he saw and wanted to be ignorant of reality. But others were also given glasses that they could see too.


Something to think about:

We can only see the true reality of our sins and God’s salvation for us in Jesus Christ through faith. But this ability to see by faith is a gift given by God. Faith isn’t something we put on ourselves.

We should be thankful that we been given faith to be able to see the reality of what this Christmas season means. We celebrate the gift of Jesus Christ and the salvation that he bought for us and the righteousness he gave to us.