Springtime Window

The bitter cold

hard wind whipped snow

like mountain ranges piled high

along the fences

squeaked and cracked in shards

beneath my feet.



amid the peaks and hollows

etched by wind born flecks of snow

I came upon a roundish hole

that disappeared below

‘mid feathery flakes of frost

like lace adorned the face

and lined the walls inside.



this hole enshrined

with angel wings of frost?

Peering down the blue lit cavern

my wind burned cheeks could feel

the gentle warmth of air perfumed

and soft with skunk aroma.



there, beneath the snow,

beneath this lifeless lunar landscape lay

a skunk all curled and snug

within its dry and grass-lined den

just waiting

waiting for that whiff first whiff

of warm spring air.



for spring lay curled up there

behind that frosty springtime window

framed by snowy shivers.

Hope that life would come again

when once the snow was gone.



appearing dead

with heart rate lower

body cooler

breathing slower

yet she longs for summer

straining for the faintest signal

of the new life to begin.



for the summer time.

She’s waiting for her life

of caring for her young

her life preparing for the winter

sure to come.



that frosty hole

a springtime window to our life

of caring for our covenant young.

A life of knowing God in love.

Our life preparing for the winter

sure to come.



icy winds of death destroy

this life our bodies bury,

the window of God’s Word reveals

the hope of life to come.



the springtime window of His Word

we see the life beyond

the life of perfect cov’nant friendship

here only begun. ❖