The Chances Are…

Tell me my friend what the chances are

Of all things being the way things are,

Of planets thrown into the air,

After thousands of years still staying there.

Fragments of an explosive force

Steering on a perfect course;

Planets that are perfectly round—

One where life forms can be found.

What are the chances of a human race,

From one big bang way out in space?

Each individual, not quite the same:

Like every tree a different grain.

Of animals so great, and some so small,

Yet one big bang did create them all??

The seasons too by chance did come,

Cold winter’s snows, warm summer’s sun.

If another “big bang” should come again,

I wonder what else that it would frame.

Because the chances are, the odds are, too great—

I believe God’s Word did the world rotate.

I look around to see hints of this power,

To see, in fact, and to see so far.

The chances of a big bang having all this done.

The chances are…….infinity to one!!


Jonathan attends the Covenant Reformed Fellowship in Northern Ireland.