The Military Mailbag

Military Mail Bag has just received some wonderful news. The strict censorship which formerly kept our Protestant Reformed servicemen from writing to this column has just recently been lifted.

Yezzer! The letters are coming in nicely once again and we of course are very happy. Hope the censor remains friendly to us.

Cpl. Albert Visser from Germany, Pvt. Tom Sjoerdsma from Korea, and Pfc. Vernon De Vries from North Carolina are the contributors for this month’s column.

* * * * *

First with the date, September 11, is Albert Visser. He writes:


Dear Friends:

Short Timer, that’s what they say out here. Yes I am a very short timer here in Germany. Only eight more days and I’ll be leaving for the Z. I. (Stateside to you civilians) again.

If all is well I hope to be back in Manhattan by the 15th of October. Between now and then I’ll be doing a lot of traveling.

I’ll give you a brief sketch of what I have been doing out here in Germany

We have been in the field about 65% of the time. We have been out on the firing ranges a number of times. Besides this we have our field problems.

The passes in our outfit were few and far between. I did have three seven-day passes while I was overseas.

Two of them I spent in Holland, a very beautiful country. I had a chance to visit my relatives.

The last furlough is still very fresh in my memory. We went to Gormich, Germany, Switzerland and Paris. I went with two other fellows from my company and we had a swell time.

Being in the Army isn’t so nice and I do miss the church life. Yet it was worthwhile and I saw many things I would never have seen otherwise.

While I was in service I enjoyed the B. L. more than any other paper. Especially enjoyed the Military Mail Bag. I also enjoyed the Radio sermons.

Yours in Christ, Al.


Thanks for the letter Al. Hope you didn’t get seasick on the way back.

* * * * *

Tom Sjoerdsma—the floor is yours.


16 Sept. 1952 2030 hrs.

Dear Friends:

I have just received the June and August issues of B.L. and it was a great thrill to get them. We just don’t know how we appreciate the church papers and magazines until we are separated from them for awhile. But I’m glad I receive them now and want to thank you for it.

I have been in Korea for three months now and at present am driving a truck. I bring “chow” to the boys on the front lines. The work is rather dangerous at times but we have Faith in the Lord at all times and believe that no harm can befall us unless it is His will. It is a great comfort to have that assurance.

The articles in the B.L. are very edifying because we don’t get to hear very many good sermons. They are mostly just Bible stories which we hear over and over again.

Well I think I’ll close for now. Don’t get too much time to write but I had to tell you how much I appreciate your sending the B.L. May the Lord richly bless your Kingdom work.

So long,

Your friend, Tom Sjoerdsma


Don’t let that letter be the last Tom.

We certainly enjoyed it.

* * * * *

Our last letter is from Vernon De Vries.


Dear Friends:

I received my first copy of B.L. a few days ago and really enjoyed reading it. Thanks very much. Our church papers mean a lot to a serviceman away from home.

I entered the service the 15th of May. I went from Pella to Des Moines, Iowa where I was inducted into the Marine Corps and sent to San Diego, California where I received my boot training.

After boot camp I enjoyed a ten day leave and was sent to Camp Le Jeune, North Carolina. I am attached to a machine gun platoon. Our training consists mostly of classes and some field problems.

I have my wife here with me. We live in Jacksonville, about five miles from the base. It sure is nice to get away from the base evenings and weekends.

Well, I will sign off for this time.

With Christian Greetings, Your friends,

Vern and Marilyn

* * * * *

I still can’t get over it. Three letters in one month. Keep it up, PLEASE. You have no idea how much we appreciate hearing from you.

We’ll be seeing you next month, the Lord willing.