The Purpose of the Radio Committee

The purpose of the Radio Committee as stated in their constitution is to direct and advance the Reformed Witness Hour.

The Committee is made up of 13 to 15 members as the need may be. These members are elected by the Committee and are subject to consistorial approval. They must be members of First Church and interested in this radio ministry. There is no set term of service, and each member retires only at his own request.

There are five elected offices to be filled in the Committee. There is the President who presides at all meetings and also appoints sub-committees. The Secretary keeps a record of proceedings and attendance at meetings and all correspondence assigned to her. The Treasurer collects mail received at our regular box, forwards it to the proper members, and has charge of keeping an accurate record of disbursements and receipts. All mail received from the listening audience goes to the Corresponding Secretary who must either answer it or take care that it reaches the hands of the Mailing Committee. The General Adjunct serves in the absence of any of the officers.

The Committee meets on the first Monday of each month in First Church. At these meetings, after hearing reports from the Station Comm., the Finance Comm., the Program Comm., the Mission Liaison Comm., the Ways and Means Comm., the Printing and Mailing Comm., and the Publicity and Book Comm., we discuss other matters relative to membership, station changes, finances, and many other things.

A Consistorial Committee of three members is present at each meeting. These members have an advisory, but not a decisive vote. They are not obliged to take the burden of any of the radio work. Thus their duty is to submit certain committee decisions to the Consistory for approval and to supervise and advise the Committee in its work.