The State-Reformed Church of Rijnsburg

The most interesting part of this old Dutch Church is the tower which was built in 1133 as part of a monastery. Rijnsburg was first named Rinasburg, founded in 600, not far from the fishers-village of Noordwijk at the North Sea. There were forests with many wild animals in those days, and a fortification against the Norsmen and Danish robbers, built by the Romans.

Duchess Sophia of Rheinech got a Church built next to the tower, in 1183. Since that date the tower has been restored several times. In 1530 the Reformation reached Rijusburg, but the Roman-Catholics still had the Church building, so that the first meetings had to be field conventicles.

In 1577 the Church got its first minister, Rev. Johannes Arcerius. In 1591 the next minister was Carolus Agricola, probably a relative of Rudolphus Agricola, but he travelled a lot through Europe and became more humanist than Reformed. Finding the names is difficult because they usually were replaced by Latin words, which is quite confusing.

I reconstructed the drawing from an old tile. ❖