The Underground Movement

Marvels of Spring will never cease to awe and thrill mankind. The seeming “death” of plant and animal life is but a mere dormancy, for the potential being remains and that “breath of life” will never completely cease until time itself will end.

The warmth of the sunshine, the re­freshment of the rain, the balm of the air all play a tremendous part in renew­ing the latent activity of the created world. How the underground seethes with action! Quietly, but persistently the lacework of roots and root system are responding to the call of Spring. Do they not feel the softening of the crusty earth and hardened soil? Do they not sense the urge to supply the plant with essentials for growth and adornment? Yes, indeed, and the “little miners” begin their ceaseless toil, unseen by man, or beast, or bird. Fresh minerals must be supplied to the sprouts and stems. Dig­ging, ever digging, these roots continue their mining to absorb moisture and food.

Man waits eagerly for those first wee tips of green to appear through the sur­face of the soil. One can almost hear the crackling of the upper layer of earth as the plants begin forcing themselves upward. A tiny shoot peeps bravely thru. Daily nurture from roots below and sunshine from above give it the con­fidence and strength it needs to make its appearance. Ah, spring is here! The lovely early flowers carpet the wood­lands.

The intricate network of the under­ground movement continues. Trees and shrubs show evidence of life. Tiny sealed buds break thru their shackles of wintry water-proofed scales and min­iature green leaflets gently unfold, re­sponding to the coaxing spring air which envelops them. The wee blossoms bloom into fragrant mature flowers. Man ex­claims about their beauty, but rarely con­siders the invisible subterranean motion which makes it possible. The nutrients as lime, phosphorous, nitrogen, potas­sium, and other minerals in minute quan­tities are constantly being taken in by energetic roots which must dig deeper, ever deeper to obtain this nourishment. By a very delicate process called “os­mosis” the minerals enter the rootlets in a water suspension and are carried upward until they reach every branch and bud. The circulation gradually loses its sluggishness and it becomes a vital, life-giving stream having its origin in the roots. The lethargy of winter is over! Yes, Spring is here! Each plant is renewed by Him who made it, and each herb receives its food from the root by God “who gave it”.

Frequently we admire the stalwart posture of the oak, the graceful sway of the tender flower, the dainty poise of the delicate herb; and again, we must admit that so often we forget the anchor­age below. Is it not the “underground life” which not only sustains but upholds the plant? Thus, God has providentially planned the plant kingdom. How signifi­cant to the beauty and welfare of the plant is its underground movement!