To Our Boys in Service

Oskaloosa, Iowa

Dear Fellows:

Since many of our boys are receiving their discharges and are returning home to their loved ones, yet many of you must still remain in the service for some time, awaiting the return homeward, sooner or later. It is to you that still remain in the service that I gladly write a few words.

Whereas most of you were in service before V.J. Day, you will agree with me that things have taken quite a change before and after that date. I have in mind one thing, and that is time. I know from letters which I receive from boys in service that you have more leisure time now, than when the war was still on. And with a view to that leisure time I write you.

First, that you keep in mind that time is a gift of God, and that it must be used to His glory. Therefore when you have leisure time also in the service, use it to the best of your ability, for it can be so easily wasted in the service of Satan; especially is that so where temptations are as manifold as they are for you in the service.

Secondly, that you use the time that God has given you in His service; do it reading much your Bible as well as the Christian literature such as our Churches provide for you. This will be very beneficial for yourselves, and by so doing you can also let your light shine so that your Father in heaven is glorified.

Doing this you will be using your leisure time for a twofold purpose. And these benefits will not only be while you are in the service, but will remain with you all your life.

And that is the only purpose in this life: to glorify our Father which is in heaven.

And last but not least, remember that God will call you into account for all you have done also with your God-given time. Jesus said: “Seek ye first the kingdom of God and His righteousness”. Let that be your goal also in your leisure time. Hoping you may all return home soon, I remain

Your brother in Christ,