Watching Daily at My Gates

March 1

Read James 1:1-11

What is wisdom? “The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom…” (Proverbs 9:10) Wisdom is to know God in such a way that we stand in awe of Him. Wisdom is to give God all respect and praise, and to know myself as His servant, not His equal. Are you living your life as a wise man or woman? Or do you find a lack of true wisdom in your life? If you find a shortcoming, then turn in prayer and ask God to fill this need.

Pray that He will give you more humility, and God will show how to exalt Him as you should. Read I Chronicles 29:10- 15. Do you have a high view of God like His servant David had?


March 2

Read James 1:12-16

Temptations will come. They will be with us through our whole life. We may be tempted to lie to our neighbor, to gossip about another, or to steal from our work place. We may also be tempted to cheat our boss in some way, to be unforgiving, or to hate someone so much that we find it disgusting to even say, “Hi.” What will you do with these temptations? Will you endure? Will you come through them? By the power of God’s grace, will you say, “No” to these sinful attractions? Is there a hatred for the things God hates? God blesses the man who turns and runs from temptation! Read about David’s temptation in II Samuel 11:2-4. Did he turn from the temptation, or did he fall into its trap?


March 3

Read James 1:17-21

Every year at harvest, the people of God were called to bring the first of the harvest to God. A portion of their grain, barley, and oil was to be given to the priest before they themselves could partake of the bounties of the earth. This activity was to acknowledge that God was the bountiful giver of all these gifts. Even so you and I must be first fruits. We must give our lives for the service of God. We show ourselves to be the first fruits of creatures when we acknowledge that “we are not our own, but we belong to our faithful Saviour Jesus Christ.” We also show this by desiring to honor Him with our time, money, and our very life. We must seek Him first in all things. Seek His honor. Seek His will. Are you making Him and His service the goal of your life? Read about Paul’s first fruits in Acts 20:17-24.


March 4

Read James 1:20-27

We don’t often let the telephone ring and ring without answering it. But how often do we hear the Word of God as it instructs us in the right path and turn and go the opposite way? The prophets of God constantly told the people of Israel and Judah what God demanded of them. But the people said we will go our own way. They closed their ears to the Word of God. They stiffened their necks and refused to turn back to the paths of God. Read about it in Zechariah 7:8-12. Do you do this same thing?


March 5

Read James 1:20-27

One of the characteristics of someone who is truly a Christian is that he cares for those with special needs. Your church has people to whom you can bring encouragement. There are many young and old people who are sick, the aging people of your church, the divorced, the unwed mother, the older single person without a family of his own. Too often this activity of caring and bringing the hope of God is laid on the shoulders of the pastor and elders of your church. God directly calls you to take up this task. Make time this week! Read Matthew 25:31-46. Will the Great King find you caring for the sick, visiting those in prison, feeding the hungry?


March 6

Read James 1:20-27

Employers love to see their workers obey and follow their instructions. God delights in seeing His children obey His Word. We also find joy when we are walking in God’s ways. Hezekiah, king of Judah, obeyed God by taking away the idol worship in the land. God blessed Him and prospered Him. Read II Kings 18:1-7. Is your life one of hearing and doing?


March 7

Read James 1:20-27

Be careful not to spot your white garment. It is hard to keep white tennis shoes white! It is hard to keep ourselves unspotted from the world. The world and our own evil nature are always trying to make us fall into sin. They want us just to try the sin once, and they want us to believe that sin is not so bad. The minute we follow after sin, spots appear on our white garments. Be careful like Daniel not to spot your garment! Read Daniel 6.


March 8

Read James 2:1-10

This word pricks every one of us. So often we are a partial people. Our eyes love the fancies of this world. On our right hand are those who love us and who make us feel good. By our footstools are those who are poor and unable to help us. Remember God is the potter and we are the work of His hand. He has formed us and has given us each our place. Pray that He will help us not be partial to one another. Pray for love for one another. Oh! to be cleansed from the sin of putting down the neighbor. Oh, for eyes that overlook things like goodly apparel and gold rings. Lord help us concentrate our attention on the hidden virtues of the heart. Read Leviticus 19:15.


March 9

Read James 2:10-26

Our actions must speak about the faith within us. It is easy to talk about the needs of others in the church, but we must go beyond seeing the need and reach out to those in need. Is there a family with a child that has special needs in your church? Have you secretly thought or even suggested that someone help them—but never offered your services? Or is there a family without money for its needs—but you have refused to put money in the benevolence fund? Are your parents aged and in need? Do they love to have you visit and care for them—but you are too busy with your own activities? Read Nehemiah 2:1-20. What action did Nehemiah take after hearing of the problems of the Jews in Jerusalem?


March 10

Read James 3:1-18

We can do so much evil with our tongue! The sins we can commit with the tongue are numerous: lying, tempting, killing, anger, gossip, and taking the name of God in vain. Yet we don’t often take these sins seriously. We tell ourselves these sins aren’t as bad or evil as other sins. In the sight of God these sins are just as displeasing as others. Daily you and I must struggle against these sins. Our tongue must be used only for the service of God and the building up of the neighbor. Do you use your tongue to build up the neighbor? Read Proverbs 30:32. Pray that God will help you, as you seek to bridle your tongue.


March 11

Read James 4:1-17

Is God in your plans? I mean do you seek God’s will and His way with all your tomorrows? Or do you go about your plans of buying and selling without God? It seems so difficult for us to say we will do this and that if the Lord will. Our talk with one

another must include the words, “the Lord willing.” This will help us remember that each event in our life is sent by God. He leads us day by day down the path of life. Things don’t happen by chance but by the sovereign will of the Almighty. Acknowledge this by saying “If the Lord will, we shall live, and do this, or that.” Read Romans 1:1-17. Can you find the verse where Paul shows this attitude in his letter to the Romans?


March 12

Read James 5:1-20

In this chapter we are called to be patient till the coming of the Lord. There are many things that we see about us that bother us. Men live for pleasure and greed. They heap up treasures for themselves. It is easy for the elect to grow impatient as to when Christ will come and deliver us from all the wickedness around about us. In times like these His brethren must bear fruits of godliness. He tells us to be patient. He, the Husbandman, must wait till the precious fruit (His people) is ripe for harvesting. Each one of His must not only be born, but come to faith in His Son Jesus Christ. Be patient therefore! The time is drawing nigh! Read about Job’s hope amidst all the trials he faced. Read Job 19:1-27.


March 13

Read Psalms 103-1-10

“Bless the Lord, O my soul!” Come and bless Him now! Let no time be wasted but let my soul come to proclaim that the Lord is great and worthy of all blessing. My voice must bless Him in all my speech and singing, my eyes must bless Him in beholding the wonders about me, my feet must bless Him by walking in His law, my hands must bless Him by prayer and caring for others, and my mind must bless Him in concentrating my whole life on Him. All that is within me COME BLESS THE LORD! Read Jude verses 24-25 and bless the Lord!!


March 14

Read Psalm 103:1-11

He forgives all our iniquities! This is truly one of the greatest benefits God has placed upon us. He chose us out of the millions of people in the world to be His elect children. He has taken all your sins away through His Son’s death on the cross. What praise ought to fill your heart and soul. This is a priceless gift that no money could ever purchase. Neither could any deed be counted as worthy to receive this gift. Rather this gift is given only because of His love to you. Rejoice and live a thankful life full of praise for this overflowing benefit. Read Jeremiah 31:31- 34. Praise the Lord that you have come to know Him, as your Redeemer.


March 15

Read Psalm 103:1-12

The heavens above reach far and wide. This is a picture of God’s mercy to those who fear Him. His mercy is His compassion. It is endless, full, and boundless. That mercy shows itself in the removal of all our transgressions. Just as there are no bounds on God’s mercy—so—there is no trace of our sin anymore! If we were to investigate and search out the wide extent of the universe, we could not find any of our sin. He promises this to us! So next time you gaze up at the starry sky think about His boundless mercy to you! Read the prayer of the Levites as they recall the everlasting mercy of God in Nehemiah 9:1-38.


March 16

Read Psalm 103:13-22

“For He knoweth our frame: He remembereth that we are dust.” God the high and mighty one Who is so great that His glory and being fill the whole world, bends down to care for you— made of the dust of the ground. He takes pity and shows compassion to us, not because we are better than others but, only of His grace and mercy. Think of it—He made you a creature of the dust to bring glory to the King of Kings!!! Remember your place before Him, and fear Him as you ought! Read Genesis 2:7 and Job 34:15.


March 17

Read Psalm 103:13-22

Our life is like a flower. We grow, bloom, and pass away. Life really is short, and our days are few. We may live 80-90 years, then we are called home. The grave marker tells we have lived and passed on. But, after a generation we are forgotten. In contrast to the brevity of man is the mercy of the Lord. He has had compassion and love for His people from the beginning and will forevermore. From generation to generation that love continues to those that fear Him. Our life is so short when compared to the endless mercy of God. Live it fully for the Lord. Don’t waste the time He gives you to pursue your pleasures. Make your life an endless song of praise and blessing of our God. Read Psalm 106.


March 18

Read Jonah 1:1-3

Ninevah and Tarshish are cities in opposite directions. God calls Jonah to go to Ninevah, but Jonah arises and goes the opposite way—to Tarshish. Obedience and sin lead us in opposite directions. Obedience leads us toward God. Sin and disobedience lead us away from God. It is easy for us to be hard on Jonah and say that he should have known better. But whenever we sin we are being just like Jonah. We are not following the commands God gives us. We are going to Tarshish, and not to Ninevah. We ought to take a closer look at ourselves and root out all disobedience. Read Genesis 6. Do you strive to live in obedience as Noah did in this chapter?


March 19

Read Jonah 1:1-12

“But Jonah arose up to flee unto Tarshish from the presence of the Lord.” There is no place unseen at any moment by the Lord. Jonah could not escape God’s all seeing eye. God not only knows and sees the way of His people, but of all who live on the earth. God is omnipresent. He is present everywhere at every moment. Are there times when you desire to escape the all-knowing and seeing eye of God? Read Psalm 139 where David acknowledges that God not only knows when we leave our homes, but He knows every time we sit down and rise up!


March 20

Read Jonah 1:1-17

God prepares a great fish to swallow Jonah. God places a particular fish in the sea to swallow Jonah. He times the presence of this fish by His sovereign will. Each event of your life is specially planned to ultimately bring about His will. Many of the events that seem so small: stopping at a red light, or who sits next to me in the airplane, are sent to me for a purpose. Many things happen for reasons unknown to us. Read Genesis 24:1-28. Does Abraham’s servant meet Rebekah by chance? or did God lead him to her? Remember God is also using the events of your life to better prepare you for His purpose. Follow His leading. Wherever He leads, He will go with you.


March 21

Read Jonah 2:1-10

“Then Jonah prayed unto the Lord His God out of the fish’s belly…and thou heardest my voice.” The Lord hears your prayer too. No matter where your prayer is offered, He will hear you. If God heard Jonah’s prayer from a fish’s belly then will He not hear your prayers? If He heard Jonah’s cry of desperation will He not hear your cry for help too? Don’t wait for afflictions to pray to God. Pray now while you are in happiness and health. Then when times of great need arise, you will know who to turn to. It will be the same One who helped you through those times of prosperity. Read about how God answered the prayer of Hannah in I Samuel 1.


March 22

Read Jonah 3:1-10

Jonah received the word of the Lord to preach to the Ninevites two times. Then Jonah arose and heeded the call of the Lord. Is the Lord calling you to a specific work for the furtherance of His kingdom? Have you neglected the Spirit’s working in your heart? Have you run away from the idea of getting involved? Have you come up with nice sounding excuses? Then read Jonah 1 all over again. God demands obedience. Heed His leading! Be ready to go where He leads, and be ready to do what He asks. It may be He has called you to the ministry, leading Bible study, visiting, teaching, organ playing. The list goes on and on. Remember the work is plentiful. Are you willing to do the work of the Lord? Read John 4:31-35.


March 23

Read Jonah 4:1-11

Do you seek the salvation of those who do not now know the saving work of Jesus Christ? Is that a passion of yours? Do you witness at every opportunity? Does your life lead others to ask you, what makes your life so different? Or is witnessing the last thing you would be found doing? Are there too many other activities in your life so that there isn’t time to witness? Then you too would find it easy to sorrow over a withering gourd but not over the many who need to hear the message of salvation through Jesus Christ. Read Acts 16:25-36. Be ready to tell others about the saving work of Jesus Christ!


March 24

Read Proverbs 8:1-16

When the Lord came to Solomon in the dark of the night and said, “ask what I shall give thee,” he replied with a desire for wisdom. Today and tomorrow will be full of decisions to be made, answers to give, and reasons for our actions. You and I need the wisdom of God to act in a proper way in every circumstance. Often we find ourselves doing things foolishly, and answering our neighbor unwisely. If only we would think about the way that God finds delight in before we act. Yes, this wisdom of God must be valued above any earthly knowledge. Heed the Word of God. Show by God’s wisdom in all your doings. The God of all knowledge will be exalted! Read II Chronicles 1:7-12.


March 25

Read Proverbs 8:14-21

Have you laid aside the precepts of God today? Have you relied on your own wisdom to get you through a difficult situation? So often I go about the day without letting the wisdom of God govern my speech, actions, and thoughts. I often just do as I please. But at the end of the day what unhappiness I feel. How well I know that I have again disappointed my God by denying Him over and over. Oh! that the Lord would give us the zeal of Daniel to stand for the right and follow Him with conviction. Pray that God will give you an eye singled out to see the joy of following His commands. May your life count every other way as foolishness. God’s way is the best. Trust Him. May His Word be your only delight! Read Daniel 2:1-23.


March 26

Read Proverbs 8:22-30

As you read these verses today you must have come to the conclusion that the wisdom presented here, is the Lord Christ. How comforting and helpful to read about His ways from eternity. Truly He will guide us in the right way for He is the All Wise One. Have you set the ways of God above your own ways today? Have you bowed in humble reverence before this God of all wisdom? Wisdom is necessary. But whose wisdom will you follow? The world strikes hard blows at us, it presents the way of sin as the right way to follow. Are you leaning toward the way that shows companionship with worldly wisdom? The warning is: go not after such men. May God make us willing to follow His way, the everlasting way!! Read I Timothy 6:11-16.


March 27

Read Proverbs 8:31-36

I would like to take one of the verses you just read and turn it into a question for you. Have you been heeding God’s commands for your life? If someone were to watch you closely today would it be evident that you have been meeting daily at the gates of the Lord? Would your life show to others that you have been waiting at the posts of His doors? Does this verse talk about your life? Such a one will never be brought to shame, for God is his strength. The devil will try every means possible to discourage you in your efforts of meeting with God. He will send you sleepiness, a lack of desire, busyness, or the like. Do not let Satan have his way with you. Devote yourself to prayer and study. God will surely bless! Read II Chronicles 15:1-15.


March 28

Read Proverbs 9:1-21

Is your life marked by an eagerness for the heavenly feast God has prepared for you? Do you hunger and thirst after this one true God? Do you long to dwell with Him in righteousness at last? If this is true of you, then your desire to be in your eternal home is marked by a tiredness of seeing sin exalted. Your longing for home clearly shows that the works of evil are not your joy. Your firm resolve is to hate the old man within you. This hope is all a work of God’s grace in you. Cling to His promises. Set them daily before your eyes. Forget them not!! Read Isaiah 49:7-12.


March 29

Read Proverbs 9:13-18

The opposite of wisdom is foolishness. A foolish one calls evil, good. It places earthly wisdom above godly wisdom. There is no regard for the ways of God in this camp. Anything morally right is looked at as old fashioned. Lust and self are promoted. So often we find ourselves looking enviously at this foolishness. How can you and I be so easily turned from the right path? How can we forsake the guide of our youth? By the grace of God we will look straight ahead. We will not turn to the right or to the left. May you take this life seriously. May there be an urgency upon your path today, as you follow the God of al wisdom. Read Proverbs 1:7-23.


March 30

Read Proverbs 10:1-21

Do you really realize what delights your father and mother? Oh, that we as young people would often consider this thought. Our parents find joy and delight in seeing us follow hard after God. When they see zealous young people ready to do good works this brings delight to them. They love to see you walking in the way of God. What could bring more joy to a godly couple? Do your parents seem saddened by something they have heard or seen in you? Then take a good look at your actions. Are you denying God by your words and deeds? Seek to follow the way of wisdom in your life. It will bring happiness not only to you, but also to your parents, and all those who labor to teach you His fear. Read Proverbs 15:20, 23:24, 27:11, and 29:3.




March 31

Read Proverbs 24:30-34

A vineyard needs to be tended. The keeper must keep the weeds out and the wall strong. You also have a vineyard to keep! Your life must be kept pure and clean, just as you would keep a vineyard. You must work at pulling the weeds of sin out. You must take great care to watch what comes in your vineyard. The wall around your vineyard must be repaired quickly before the foxes come and ruin it. We too. must watch and protect ourselves from every temptation to sin. Set a watch for your eyes, and boundaries for your hands and feet. Read Proverb 4: 23-27.