We are the Builders

Being a builder by trade, I thought I would say something on that subject.  But let me say first of all, that we all build and we are all builders, and we all build on the ruins of those that have built before us: and those that come after us build upon the ruins that we have left them.

Men are builders and must build because that was the mandate of God given in Paradise Lost.

And men always build anew, and think that now their work is perfect, and out of the old ruins rises a new foundation, a new building, according to different principles than have been before, a new Babel, and he who does not realize and does not see, and is not active in going along shows that he does not understand the greatness of his time.

These builders, that are always building anew, are the mighty men, the men of renown, the Nimrods.

Nimrod was the mighty hunter before the Lord and His Kingdoms were Babel, Ereck, Accad and Calnet in the land of Shinar.

That Babel is always seen as a mighty influence in the earth, always acting in positive antagonism to everything which owes its origin to heaven.  He will by His grace mold us and seen as it were, in opposite scale.  And it is not till this Babylon has been totally abolished, that the cry is heard, amid the hosts above, “Alleluia.  For the Lord God Omnipotent reigneth.”  That, dear friends, is the vanity of all human endeavours.  For we read in Psalm 127, “Except the Lord build the house they labor in vain that build it.”              

According to Psalm 127, there is only one who can build and lay the foundation and that is God and that foundation that He lays is Christ the Lord.  And He builds upon that foundation a glorious building of which He is the architect.  Not a building anew, but a building according to his eternal decree and that decree according to His Word.  And because that foundation which He laid is Christ, the Lord, we may by His grace be co-workers with Him, and build with Him.  Be careful now, how we build.  We, by nature, always build ruins.  Men cannot build!  When we come with our stones, they do not fit into that building of God.  We must come, and shall come through His Spirit to Him.  Empty handed, (with our own empty cups, to be filled by Him) (H.H.) who is the fullness.  Then make us to be beautiful stones to fit perfect in that building, for salvation is of God alone, and He does not give His glory to another.  That building of the which He is the foundation and cornerstone is rejected by the builders anew.  This House of God!  The Church with its Glorified Head and its Glorified Body!  The Bride and Bridegroom!

Therefore the admonition comes to all of us, be thou not conformed to the world and build anew, but be transformed to that glorious image of our Lord Jesus Christ.  Then we will be co-workers with Him!

How is that possible?  Through the Word of God.  That Word removes from beneath our feet that hollow foundation, and gives us instead a foundation which can never be moved.  It takes away from us a delusive hope, to give us instead, “a hope which maketh not ashamed.”  It takes away “a broken reed” to give us “the rock of ages,” it sets aside “a broken cistern, which can hold no water” to set in its place “the foundation of living waters.”

This is God’s doing, this is true love: it is God’s love.  We shall be made part of that house of God, not made with hands, eternal in the heavens.  That perfect knowledge awaits us on the other side of death and the grave.  Through the death of Him, who died on the cross and was raised for our justification.  Then He shall make our mortal bodies like unto His most glorious body: and draw us unto Himself in everlasting perfection through His final word: “Come ye, blessed of my Father, inherit the kingdom prepared for you from before the foundation of the world.”  Then we shall be like Him and see Him face to face!

O, Cross of Christ, we behold in it the everlasting foundation of our peace!

Then steadfast let us still remain,

Though dangers rise around,

And in the work prescribed by God,

Yet more and more abound:

Assured that though we labor now,

We labor not in vain,

But through the grace of Heav’ns great Lord,

The eternal crown shall gain!