What is Wrong with our Singspirations?

“What is wrong with our singspirations?” This was the question asked several months ago in Open Forum, and it resulted in some very interesting and well-written ideas. These responses show that there are many who care about our church life and are willing to give ideas for its improvement. Allow me to briefly summarize the sug­gestions given.

First, more publicity should be given further in advance, one writer says. This is a wise suggestion, and has already been followed by the setting up of a schedule for singspirations. More and different spe­cial numbers should be provided from the great amount of talent available; the com­mittee is also working on this. The Psalter numbers should occasionally be varied with a couple of well-chosen hymns. A theme for each singspiration would produce much more unification and would enable a director to enlarge on it by means of Bible verses or readings instead of making him just an­nounce the next number. It is true, the com­mittee could improve the singspirations, and it is already attempting to do this.

But, as one contributor says, “Don’t look around and blame it on someone else! Why can’t you come?” Indeed, much of the fault lies with the audience, with us as in­dividuals. When our song services are im­proved along the lines suggested in these replies, there certainly will be no excuse (there isn’t now either) to stay away from an evening of enjoyment and praise.