One of our goals as a staff and a publication is “To seek the mutual edification of the members of this Federation and to strive for the development of talents as becomes Christian young people.” To that end, we’d like to direct those interested in more Reformed content to the website for the Young Calvinists, another project of the Federation Board.

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What is Young Calvinists?

Young Calvinists is a committee formed in 2015 under the oversight of the Young People’s Federation Board that seeks to connect young people from different Protestant Reformed congregations and to foster spiritual growth and fellowship with one another.

What are the goals of Young Calvinists?

Young Calvinists’ main goal in all of our activities is to further unite Protestant Reformed young people and young adults, to foster friendship and Christian fellowship with one another, and to promote zeal for the precious heritage of the Reformed faith that we hold in common.

What does Young Calvinists do?

Young Calvinists hold a number of events for young people and young adults throughout the year. These events include singspirations, lectures, bonfires, workshops, service opportunities, and more. We also run this blog where young people and young adults can submit meditations on scripture and the Christian life.

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