Developing the Virtue of Goodness

The aspect of the fruit of the Spirit of our Lord Jesus Christ, which occupies our attention at this time, is goodness. Goodness stands closely related to the virtue of gentleness – which immediately precedes it in the listing of the fruit of the Spirit. It is said that goodness is the activity which proceeds […]

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 “… for all the city of my people doth know that thou art a virtuous woman.” Ruth 3:11   Tucked between the saber rattling of the Book of Judges and the power and panoply of the six books about the kings of Israel lies the quiet little Book of Ruth. It consists in its entirety […]

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Stress and Teenage Suicide

Traffic accidents, homicides, and suicides are the main causes of teen-age death in the United States today. And not necessarily in the above order. Many in the medical and psychiatric fields believe suicide is the #1 killer—that a lot of accidents and homicides among the young are really suicides in disguise. According to a Grand […]

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