No Other Gods

John Calvin once described the inner motiva­tions of people in this way, “The poor yield to the rich, the common people to the nobles, the ser­vants to the masters, the ignorant to the schol­ars; but there is nobody who does not imagine that he is really better than the others. Everyone flatters himself and carries […]

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Who Am I?

I am the person that came to this world I came to this world to bring cheer, To bring you salvation and to save you from fear.   I am the Father’s Son, Come down from the world above, To die on wood to save you.   I preached to the world Of salvation, the […]

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Editor’s Notes April 1992

We are looking for a new editor-in-chief, D.V., within the next two months. A couple of people are considering this important work. I hope to be able to introduce your new editor-in-chief in the next issue. In case you missed it in the last issue, you will have to wait until the May issue to […]

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