Letter to the Editor

The following note is a response to a recent answer by Schuyler to a question regarding suicide. Beacon Lights thanks Angie for her comments, and in accordance with her wishes, publicly thanks Schuyler (whose identity remains a mystery).   I am not sure who writes in the Questions for Schuyler, but I have to say […]

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Diabetes (2)

In the last issue, we learned about the disease and its impact on life. In this issue, we continue with the symptoms and conclude by looking at this disease in the light of Scripture. Another bad episode was a few years ago. I was in a mad rush to get the kids out the door […]

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Diabetes (1)

When asked again this year if I would be willing to speak to you for the Fearfully and Wonderfully Made program, I must say as I said to last year’s class: I can write about almost anything you throw at me, but speak? A completely different story! So please bear with me as my nose […]

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