But What Is Christmas Really All About

Well, Christmas Season is here again, folks, and once we get all our shopping and card mailing done we can sit back and be content, if there’s enough time. It will probably be just like last year – rush, rush, and then when we finally get to open all those presents on Christmas eve, we’ll […]

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Let God Do It

Lots of the articles in this issue complain about the spiritual indifference (otherwise known as apathy) found among “our” young people. I somehow feel it’s the wrong approach in tackling this problem, because if a person isn’t interested in the first place, he won’t even notice a new BEACON LIGHTS, must less even sit down […]

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Looking at Change in the Church’s Liturgy

A church’s form of worship is called its liturgy. In our churches, liturgy includes prayers, songs, reading of the Scripture and of the Law or Apostles’ Creed, an invocation, a benediction, a sermon, an offering and most often an organ prelude and postlude. Have you ever thought of our services as such; a list of […]

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