Accusations and Answers

In a low state of mind when I feel quite weak,                             (Ps. 69:2) There’s a voice in my mind that will start to speak.                     (2 Cor. 11:3) He accuses, and brings up all of my sins                                     (Rev. 12:10b, 12b) And just like that, a battle begins.                                               (Eph. 6:12)   “A child […]

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A Wedding Prayer

I thank Thee LORD that Thou didst send, This one with whom my life I’ll spend. Wilt Thou be praised in our new life, As we are now husband and wife. Wilt Thou Father from above, Teach us how we ought to love. May we do so selflessly, with patience and humility. In all our […]

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In Loving Memory of Baby Brands

Farewell my precious little one, So soon your earthly time is done. Our many hopes and dreams for you Are softly fading from our view. Your calling proved to be much more great Than what we did anticipate. With no more sin to weigh you down, You’re now a jewel in God’s crown. Serving Him […]

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