For Our Edification

Tradition can be a powerful force. Not only can traditions be very hard to change, they can be hard to appreciate, too. Through all of her history, the Protestant Reformed Churches have stressed the importance of Heidelberg Cat­echism preaching. If that seems to be a long time, about seventy years, consider the fact that cat­echism […]

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An Irresistible Need

                             Many years ago I was sitting in a religion class with a Protestant                         Reformed friend when the religion professor, who was also a                         minister, said concerning man and God’s grace, “What makes a                         man different from all the other animals is that he can say ‘no’                         to God.”   We […]

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Brotherly Love

We live in an age which is marked by a lack of human compassion. This is seen in the fact that today one out of three marriages in our country ends in divorce. People who supposedly married out of mutual love, caring, and compassion, now find it impossible to live with each other. Also, newspapers […]

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