Infant Vision

“Newborn infants are incapable of visual focus; their eyes are likely to move in any direction and their motion is not coordinated. Strong light causes discomfort. By the end of a month babies begin to focus momentarily on objects and during the next two months they gradually develop greater skill and begin to recognize objects; […]

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From the Federation Board

The Federation Board would like to take this opportunity to sincerely thank the young People’s Society of Hudsonville Church for the time and effort which they furnished in order to make this past convention a great success. We realize the responsibility as well as the great privilege it is for one society to sponsor a […]

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My Impressions of Covenant Christian High School (1)

Covenant Christian is not merely a “school,” a place of higher education for Christian young people. To me, Covenant Christian means Christian fellowship, understanding, unity, friendship; all of which, and more, stem from the very basic element — love. Not the kind of “love” where a person is required to wear a certain style of […]

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