God’s Mirror

To parents and loved ones For many, your eyes may have just been opened to the complex world of ED. I hope that this helps you understand and have insight not just to the facts but the thoughts and sickness of one struggling. I know that insight into facts and causes doesn’t make a loved […]

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God’s Mirror (1)

God’s Mirror My Journey through the Vice of an Eating Disorder and How I learned Who I am in Christ I felt as if the imprint of my butt was ingrained in the navy blue couch at my therapist’s office. I knew every decoration; the smell of the office was all too familiar and I […]

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Life is Hard, But God is Good

A testimony of God’s goodness through my struggle with depression and suicide A true story The city lights flash by quickly as I struggle to keep my eyes open. I’m so tired, my body hurts, my mind hurts, and my life hurts. The bright red lights declaring EMERGENCY come into view and the feelings of […]

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