Filial Duties in the Christian Family

Collin wiped the last spot of wax off his new Corvette. He had just bought it yesterday, so today he spent hours wiping down the black leather and polishing the yellow fiberglass…hours dedicated to touch-up work, and yet no time to help around the house. After going back inside, seeing the messy house, watching his […]

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A Teacher’s Burden

Awake every night. Climbing out of bunk-bed to a new day’s work… and its problems. An- other 22-year-old struggling with life’s questions. Three years of college are over, but their use in his life is yet unknown. More questions, 10 years old, yet remaining unanswered: “Who will I be? What career is right for me?” […]

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All Things for Good?

“Hello?” “Hi, this is Chad, is Ryan there?” “Yeah, just a minute please.” After a halfway short conversation, Ryan Lang was convinced to jog over to Chad’s house a couple hundred yards down the road. Chad was the Reeves’ second son in a family of five. He just finished the first marking period of tenth […]

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