God sometimes hangs a curtain Before our toiling life, And shuts us in from all the world Of work and sin and strife, That He may give, from Hand Divine, The gift Love only can afford; And in the solemn quietness We learn the secret of the Lord.   Yet often we forget His touch […]

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I would be but a dewdrop Lord, Glistening on some flower, That I may cool a sin-fevered heart In the morning hour.   Or only a trickling mountain stream I would contentedly be: If in the flow of life, Thy grace, Reflected, men could see.   ‘Tis often, Lord, I fain Would bring a bit […]

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O, let this trial like a window be, That through it I may have a close view of Thee, It seems to shut me in alone today. O, help me see beyond its frame, I pray.   Let not my fingers idly touch its pane, And dully sense the coldness of the glass; But give […]

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