Winter Comes

NOTE: The following sonnet first appeared in the Covenant Christian High School student paper, The Crier. The eerie echoing wing-song of the geese Spreads south across the cooling cloud-grey skies To tell that winter’s cold white hand shall seize The helpless land and all that therein lies. So, too, the ever-dying trees do print The […]

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Christianity Enters the Space Age

Space travel is a going thing. It’s what’s happening today. With the recent Apollo expeditions, man is about ready to explore the moon. After the moon, sooner or later the planets will be reached. I truly believe that man will travel to other planets. This seems to be contrary to the expectations of most adult […]

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My Impressions of Covenant Christian High School (2)

It was a big jump from the crowded, bustling hallways and classrooms of the other Christian high schools to Covenant Christian. The landing gave one a jolt; things were so different. Now that there has been sufficient time for a recovery from that leap, I’ll take a look at the new surroundings. I found that, […]

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