Music: Where Hearts Speak

What’s your favorite food? Your favorite class? Your favorite vacation spot? Your favorite [fill in the blank]? We all have them—our favorites. They vary from person to person, and sometimes even from day to day or moment to moment. The next question must be “why?” Why do we have favorites, and why do they change […]

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Are You Baptized -Really??

Wait a minute! Before you pass over this article because it looks a little too doctrinal and dry, think about that ques­tion. Are you really baptized? Dumb question, right? Of course I am. My parents took me to church when I was very young and my minister baptized me—what’s the point? Baptism. It seems pretty […]

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Thou Shalt Not Covet

“For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.” Of all the commandments God gave us. I believe the 10th is the one we most easily rationalize our way around. If you’re admiring a certain sleek looking automobile or beautiful house for example, and some­one says, “You mustn’t covet.” What’s the first thing […]

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