God’s Will

I am at a crossroads in life. What’s next? Where am I going? What am I going to do next? More school or go to work? This job or that job? Marriage? How many kids? These are the types of questions that make your head hurt! Where do I turn? So much indecision and uncertainty! […]

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Stewardship (3) Stewardship and Money: Saving God’s Way

According to a study released by Public Agenda, 46% of all Americans have less than $10,000 saved for retirement. According to the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services, 96% of all Americans will retire financially dependent on the government, family, or charity. A 1992 Federal Reserve study showed that 43% of U.S. families spent […]

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Stewardship (1)

STOP, DO NOT READ THIS ARTICLE UNTIL YOU HAVE BLANK PAPER AND SOMETHING TO WRITE WITH!! Take the paper and write down the five most valuable things that you have. Next, write down five things that are in your living room. What is stewardship? Stewardship is a gift of God to us whereby we are […]

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