Why Not Man?

For a moment, allow yourself to objectively observe man. Notice how marvelous man and his world are. If you cannot see man’s superiority – just take a look at all of his achievements. He has found cures for nearly all of the world’s most fatal diseases. He has invented many machines that make life for […]

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And Ye Shall be Hated

hUpon entering into the world, Protestant Reformed young people must realize that they are not going to be accepted and to some extent will be despised. In the first Epistle of John 3:13, John writes, “Marvel not, my brethren, if the world hates you.” Here we are being told not to be surprised if we […]

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Speaking Up

Plagued by a lack of discussion in their young people’s society, the members of the program committee of First Church’s Senior Society decided to give an after-recess program that would encourage more active participation in Bible discussion. On these lines, the committee distributed an outline of Bible texts and a few appropriate questions under the […]

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