For one reason or another reading is not appreciated by many of our young people. They would rather be out on the streets every night, than to read a book or church literature. In a day and time like now, we should be great read­ers of books, magazines, papers, etc. There are many nights in […]

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South Holland Young People’s Society

It was in the year 1932 when Rev. P. De Boer organized our Young People’s Society.  Rev. De Boer was our president for six years.  Then Rev. Vermeer became our president, who labored in our midst seven years.  It was during these years that South Holland held the first Protestant Reformed Young People’s Convention.  We […]

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The Beauty of the Young Woman

I have heard of many people who have been put to flight by the daggered looks of certain women when they made comments on their beauty. We do not say it is wrong to visit the beauty shop, for we all hate to see girls that are slouchy. For Paul does speak of the fact […]

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