Some Thoughts on Using You and Your

Permit me to write a few lines in addition to what has been written in the “Beacon Lights” concerning “Some Thoughts on Using You and Your”. I find the discussion most interesting. I read in my dictionary that the form “thou,” which is the personal pronoun of the second person singular in the nominative case […]

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Bridging The Gap

Ed. Note: This is the first contribution received for the public opinion column “Bridging the Gap.” Readers are encouraged to send the editor their opinions and ideas concerning the generation gap. January 6, 1970 Dear Beacon Lights Staff: I wish to write a few comments about the “generation gap.” But before I proceed, let me […]

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Response to “Ists and Isms”

Dear Editor: I would like to make a few comments about the recent article in the Beacon Lights entitled “Ists and Isms.”  I wish to make a few comments on the definition of sect and the relationship of provincial tendencies to a sect. First of all, the author does mention that there are many definitions […]

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