Remember Now Thy Creator

How pleasant are the days of youth, the springtime of our life, The time when we are strong and do not weary of the strife. When we are young and handsome and have no pain or sorrow, Enjoying the pleasures of today, having no worries for the morrow. To the young man and the maiden […]

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Thankful in Adversity

It is not so hard to be thankful when all things are going just right, When you are earning big money and the future looks rosy and bright, When you have a nice car to ride in and lots of good things to eat, When your friends all greet you with a smile whenever you […]

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Gertrude Braaksma

I love to stand in my cottage doorway and watch the day fade away into night I love to see the snow-capped mountains as the sun sheds its last rays of light. No artist could paint such a picture, no poet could tell of its worth, For it is God who paints this picture, the […]

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