The Importance of the Ministry

At present, there is one student in our Theological School. When there is such a small student body, then we have the unusual situation that follows, of having more professors and instructors, than we have students. Add to this number of teachers the eight members of the Theological School committee, and we have a total […]

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The Struggle of Faith

The appearance of March brings many thoughts to mind: Springtime, with all its well-known botanical associations; the resurgence of new season energy out of winter’s doldrums; and the period of life that is youth, with everything that youth signifies. For the Christian, perhaps, no thought connected with the return of spring each year is more […]

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Past, Present, and Future

Invariably, the New Year season is the one in which we take mental inventory of the past, noting those facts and events that stand out in our memories; reviewing sad or pleasant experiences; and remembering what was significant. Following hard on the heels of the review of the past is the inevitable tendency to look […]

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