Women Suffrage in Church and State

The subject as given to me was as titled above:  “Women Suffrage in Church and State.”  I would, however, prefer to discuss only woman suffrage in the Church while making a few brief comments on woman suffrage in the state.  The reasons, I believe, will be obvious.  In order to narrow the subject a bit […]

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Godliness or Narrowmindedness?

Have you ever been called a “stubborn Hollander”? Most of us have, I suppose. We have also been accused of intolerance, inconsistency and narrow mindedness. Now reason indicates that much of the criticism vented against the Reformed people emanates from hatred toward our traditionally strong religious beliefs. Nevertheless, an element of truth remains in the […]

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Graduation Speech

Spoken January 23, 1946 – Oakdale Christian School – Grand Rapids, Michigan   Teachers, parents, friends: It is my privilege and my pleasure, in the name of the class of 1946, to speak to you a few words of appreciation and farewell. We are happy and proud, of course, to have come to this evening, […]

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